Metal fabrication is a process that involves bending and cutting metal to form a specific structure or product. In comparison, custom metal fabrication involves cutting materials in a specific way to meet the needs of customers instead of attempting to maintain a standard look or size. Custom metal fabrication uses a wide range of specialized industrial equipment to achieve its desired result. The most common metals used in this process include stainless steel, copper, aluminum and carbon steel. Here at West Texas Plasma, we are a custom fabrication specialist so don’t hold back on all the customization you may need.

Why Custom Fabrications?

There is nothing like the craftsmanship and beauty of handcrafted metalwork. Whether you are making a product for a purely functional purpose or not, custom metal fabrication work stands out. However, the difference is about more than aesthetics. Typically fabricated products will be made with a “one size fits all” mentality, products created through custom metal fabrication can be customized to meet each and every one of your needs. Custom metal fabrication work done today combines traditional hammer and forge methods with modern technologies like plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and AutoCAD. This ensures the accuracy of the fabrication and allows you to anticipate exactly what kind of product you will receive.

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